The Leather Man is a long established leather/rubber/gear outlet in NYC well worth a visit.
Twilight Guard is a fellowship of leathermen and bears in the gay communities of Connecticut and New York. Founded in July of 1995
New York Renegades is one of our NJ brother clubs .
The Harbor Masters of Portland, Maine, Inc., Incorporated in the State of Maine in 1984, is a private nonprofit organization, which was organized to provide a sense of fellowship and to promote mutual respect and tolerance for gay men and women who share an active interest in the leather/levi lifestyle.
The ATLANTIC MOTORCYCLE COORDINATING COUNCIL was founded on April 4, 1969, in Washington, DC. Its purpose remains to act as a forum of discussion among its member clubs, to encourage participation in its sanctioned events, to coordinate event dates to prevent conflicts of scheduling, and to promote the enjoyment of motorcycling and the leather/levi lifestyle and to foster the safety thereof.
The ShipMates Club of Baltimore was founded in 1974 at ‘The Gallery,’ a leather/levis bar in Baltimore, Maryland. 27 men were in attendance when asked: “Are you interested in forming a leather/levis club?” Within a few months, membership grew to 49. In the years since, The ShipMates have held countless events and raised thousands of dollars for LGBT charities in Maryland, having tons of fun along the way!
Iron Guard B.C.  is a no for profit fellowship of members, primarily leather/levi oriented whose purpose is to develop character and leadership in the spirit of friendship, brotherhood and goodwill.
Empire City Motorcycle Club, Inc. of New York City, was founded in October, 1964 as a motorcycle owner/rider club. We are the oldest ongoing gay all riding organization in the country.

Excelsior MC

Links - Brother Clubs, both local and beyond!

The Pennsmen is a social group of GLBT individuals with a common interest in the leather/rubber/fetish lifestyle located in South Central Pennsylvania.
The Long Island Ravens M.C. Founded January 1992 is an brotherhood of men who are proud to make the leather lifestyle an important part of their lives, who would like to further and strengthen the image of leather on Long Island, where leathermen can offer friendship and positive support to others like themselves.