Excelsior M.C. began in 1975 when a group of four men, Terry McNulty, David Talbot, Rich Dicurci and Wally Wallace shared a room on Fire Island where they spent "Leather Weekend," sponsored by Cycle M.C. The club members and GDI's (Goddamn Independents) at this run came from all over the United States and Europe, and everyone was very friendly and outgoing. The original four members felt a kinship with these leather men and a special friendship evolved with one group in particular, Empire City M.C. This biker club of contemporaries lent our founders a copy of their constitution and supported them in their beginning stages of forming a club. A meeting was soon held at David Talbot's apartment and the 4 men began developing a constitution of their own. When it came time to decide on a name for the group, the guys focused on a New York State Flag in David's apartment and decided to name the new club after the New York State motto, "Excelsior," which means "ever upward". 

The club members attended socials at members homes, held bar nights and traveled to many runs. Meetings were held under the guidance of the first president, David Talbot. The first project for which Excelsior was to raise money was for the painting of the toilets at a village bar called Westbeach (later Badlands) at the foot of Christopher Street. Other fund-raisers were held as bar nights at local bars, including The Eagles Nest. The first out-of-town run where Excelsior members participated as a club was the Vikings Run in New Hampshire, where they offered "Eye Openers." Soon the club had two new pledges, Dean Sanford and Brad Bradley, both of whom became very active in the club scene as Excelsior members and left their mark behind them. Brad went on to become a president of Excelsior and Dean became an active recruiter for the club scene. That was almost 40 years ago and, as they say, "the rest is history." However, our club's history is still being written with continuing social functions, club runs, bar nights, and community and fund-raising projects, and you can be a part of it! If you would like to find out more, we urge you to talk with any of our brothers, or contact us online. info@excelsiormc.com

Our History by:

Clint Winant & Wally Wallace