There was a time, when clubs would give and receive awards in recognition for services rendered to another club. Awards for clubs who had the most number of members at a run, or those who had traveled the farthest to that event, or who hosted the most original cocktail party, etc. The manifestation of said awards were often trophies, many of them of considerable size. Back then of course, most clubs had a "home bar" where a trophy case was installed and those cherished awards were on display. Nowadays, many of our clubs no longer have the luxury of a "home bar", but we still have the trophies. So what do we do with them? At a meeting long ago, Jeff G. suggested we take photos of these trophies and display them on our website, a "virtual trophy case". So here, after many twists and turns, we give you our V. T. C.

Excelsior MC

Virtual Trophy Case