Past Run

          THANK YOU!

Our Trim-a-Tree bar night at the Eagle Bar NYC 2016, is now a part of history! The members of Excelsior MC would like to thank the management and staff of the Eagle for their generous support. We would also like to thank all A.M.C.C. club brothers who traveled many miles to join us for the evening. There was an array of title holders there as well to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. Thank you to all our friends and hot leathermen who showed up and made our evening a tremendous success. The best of the season to all! 

On March 5th, the Brothers of Excelsior M.C. NYC hosted a ‘bar night’ at the Bike Stop on Philadelphia, PA!

Excelsior M.C. NYC wants to thank everyone who joined us for a great evening at the Bike Stop!

Lust for Life 2016​​: The Island of Misfit Boys
(The Lord of the Flies meets The Boys in the Band!)

A big THANK YOU!, to all our friends who attended our run this past weekend. We couldn't do it without you. Big Brotherly Hugs!

Artist: Jürgen Wittdorf: Die Baubrigad 

Happy New Year!

Joe G. was welcomed into the Brotherhood by a cheering crowd, at our Trim-a-Tree 2016 event at the Eagle Bar NYC.  Joe has hit the ground running, taking on various projects, including the co-chair of a very successful Trim-a-Tree event. A wonderful addition to our Club, we wish him a long and prosperous journey with Excelsior M.C.!


Welcome the newest Member of Excelsior M.C.

Mr. Joe G. !

Current News

Excelsior M.C. thanks everyone who attended Cherry Grove 2040 this past weekend on Fire Island. It was great seeing you! We hope you have arrived safely at your destination.

Join Us At Our Next Event


Join Excelsior M.C. for its monthly general business meeting.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday,  April 18 at 7pm at The Center, 208 W. 13th Street     NYC, NY 10011 . 

All interested men, prospective members and friends are welcome to attend.

Excelsior M.C. NYC, was established in fraternal union as a not-for-profit social organization. It is our objective to plan and execute events for our own membership, for other organizations of a similar nature, and for the community in which we live. Among the oldest ongoing gay leather/Levi organizations in the city, we continue to be a vital part of the gay community in the New York metropolitan area.

Welcome to

Excelsior MC NYC

New York City's Premier Gay Men's Club