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Mr. Fire Island Leather Contest

Mr. Fire Island Leather 2024 is chosen by a panel of independent judges who are prominent members of the local New York City leather community. Selection criteria includes a contestant's appearance, attitude, and personality.

Mr. Fire Island Leather receives a custom-made leather sash from David Samuel Menkes Custom Leatherwear and a medallion. Unique to this contest, the sash is a one-of-a-kind work of art that remains the permanent property of the titleholder.

Fire Island Contest Image.png

Contest Categories

1. Formal Leather

Each contestant will appear onstage in the formal leatherwear of their choice and will answer a question asked by the emcee and/or judges. Judges will be assessing attitude, stage presence, and confidence in contributing to the leather community.

2. Gearware

Each contestant will appear onstage in gear representative of their personality, fetish, or jock of their choice. This category is a celebration of our leather lifestyle and will be judged as such. Additional questions may be asked by the judges and your stage presence is considered.

3. Meat Rack Fantasy

Each contestant will present a fantasy featuring Fire Island as a locale. The fanstasy may be told as a story or acted and many utilize additional cast members or props. This traditional category celebrates community and brotherhood.

Contestant Application

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